How Adele was able to lose 40 pounds

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If you didn’t know, Adele lost a significant amount of weight—about 40 pounds.  She looks amazing, in case you haven’t seen her. Just because she’s famous, doesn’t mean she didn’t struggle to lose weight—just like you and me. She struggled. Her weight fluctuated and I am sure, at some points, she was ready to give

Start here to your ideal body

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There are great transformation stories all around you. It could be a celebrity (like Adele), or it could be your neighbor or co-worker.  There are successes all around you. Do you know what they have in common? They all used age-defying methods to lose weight—and keep it off. Weight loss doesn’t have anything to do

How to crush it on a Monday

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Do you hate Monday?  Is it hard to show up and get going? Have you ever asked yourself why? Hmmmmmm.  Think about it. It usually stems from some level of dread; job, drive time (pre quarantine), less weekend fun, anticipated stress, being around people you have to tolerate because you get paid to, etc. Most of these

Daily “Q” checklist to maintain your peace of mind

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Are you settling into a new normal or holding on until things change back to a quasi-normal? We all know times like this can create stress, anxiety, worry, etc.  quite frankly, so can many other life events that disrupt our sense of normal. These are designed to help you do a couple of things: Stop and

Monday mental wellness

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I wanted to share a ‘Mental Monday Wellness’ tip to help you with the, oftentimes, difficult Monday focus. If you are like me, you wake up and your brain wants to run down the tracks in a bunch of different directions causing chaos, stress, and that lovely feeling of being overwhelmed first thing on Monday

Boost your immune system

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My goal for you is to help create a healthy lifestyle.  So I’d like to focus on the immune system boosting and nutrition to stay healthy and fight colds, flu, and virus, etc. Your immune system is your most important armor and greatest defense against the evil germs. The amount of nutrition and supplement information out there is extensive,

Don’t gain holiday weight just because. Tips to ponder

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Happy holidays and happy weight gain season – — well, actually, NO weight gain is happy. No doubt you are aware of the statistic, either by hearing it or experiencing it, every year people gain between 5 and 10 (or more) pounds of weight right now during the fat season (Halloween through New Years). Yikes!!! Why?? You work

3 tips to stay on track with your Summer health and wellness

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As we are fast approaching summer, there are lots of things going on which throw us off schedule and maybe out of our healthy routine.  Here are three tips to stay on, or start, to focus on your health. 1) Make time for YOU!  – with camps, driving, work, etc. we often forget about ourselves or we run

Do you plate your food to your advantage?

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Here are a few tips to help keep your plate of food working to your advantage. Even with a plate of clean carbs, protein, and veggies, it can still have an unbalanced portion which may not be to your advantage when maintaining or losing weight. Consider this: When you start your plate serving with carbs and

Top tip to not sabotage your hard work

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Just wanted to share a few TOP tips to not sabotage your hard work and progress this holiday season. We all want to have fun and enjoy our friends, families, and festivities.  And that's great.  But, you don't need to wreck your progress to enjoy your holidays. Eat only what you REALLY want.  - Most