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Workplace Wellness Solutions is honored to partner with other holistic wellness companies in their quest to educate our Orange County and national communities about the importance of an all-encompassing healthy lifestyle.

“We appreciate the amazing synergies created by working with other individuals and health care providers who have a passion for healing, education, and making a difference in our society. “

– Greg –

Our mission is to empower the youth of our communities with educational and practical life tools to make informed decisions to create a healthy lifestyle.

Workplace Wellness Solutions supports the healthy life style of the youth in our communities through education.

“The only way to improve a situation like childhood obesity and related illness is through awareness and prevention.  And, the basis of any prevention is education. “

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Headquartered in Irvine, Restoration Healthcare is Southern California’s data-driven Functional and Integrative Healthcare Practice. By partnering with its patients to discover and treat root malfunctions that lead to chronic illness, Restoration Healthcare helps people live long and healthy lives.

The practice’s mission — to optimize health by identifying and treating imbalances and malfunctions that cause chronic illness — serves as a litmus test for the practice’s own efficacy, and directly supports its vision

of a world in which people feel and function their best by relying on data-driven decisions to restore harmony with nature, nutrition, self, and community.
Visit Restoration Healthcare online at www.RhealthC.com or call the office today to inquire about what it takes to become one of their patients: (949) 535-2322.