Do you plate your food to your advantage?

Here are a few tips to help keep your plate of food working to your advantage. Even with a plate of clean carbs, protein, and veggies, it can still have an unbalanced portion which may not be to your advantage when maintaining or losing weight.
Consider this: When you start your plate serving with carbs and protein, there is usually less space on the plate for veggies or salad, right? You squeeze a little on that last bit of space that’s leftover.  I know I do.
Tips for your advantage: 
  1. Load your plate with veggies FIRST –  This takes up more space on the plate and adds fiber, nutrients, and fewer calories.
  2. Add your protein second – (chicken, fish, beef, etc) next.  Must have your protein for strong hair, skin, nails, and quality muscle (quality muscle burns calories and fat).
  3. Add your carbs in the small space left over –  Yes you need carbs, but not as many as you think or want.
Follow these and see the results of good planning and portioning. Let me know how you do.
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