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Our Mission

Our Mission is to work in collaboration with companies to inspire their employees through education, fitness, and practical life tools to create and maintain a healthy workplace culture and lifestyle.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the leader in corporate health and wellness by providing collaborative programs, exceptional client service, and measurable results.

Our corporate values set us apart from other companies. We strive for excellence by achieving the highest standards in all we do. We work with management and executives to reach their goals and support the company culture through dedication, customer service, and respect.

Is your company’s bottom line suffering from employee illness and healthcare cost?

The most successful companies from starts up to global operations know that the cost of employee wellness is an investment that pays off in a multitude of ways. Studies show that overweight and unhealthy employees have lower productivity, higher absenteeism and higher health care costs… and that affects your bottom line! When employees are able to create healthy workplace habits, their overall performance, attitude, and output improve.


“Just wanted to send thanks for our workouts, I am actually not freaking out that I have to be on a beach in Jamaica in 2 weeks, thanks to you.”

Martha R, Newport
“I have a stronger core, have lost weight and have improved my running time. My lower back is not as tight as it was before.”
Amy, Anaheim
“I can totally feel the burn from this workout. My heart rate stays up and I only did a 3-exercise circuit for a couple rounds. This is great!”
Paige, Irvine

Recently I decided to take on the challenge of creating a better me so I turned to who I thought could help, LeFever Wellness. I personally workout with Coach Greg, and let me tell you, I don’t just do a few killer sets then “bye, see you next week”, it’s so much more. We question my bad habits to get to the root, we look at what motivates me as an individual, and we also take the time to expand my mind and spirit. Working with LeFever Wellness isn’t just a new workout routine, it’s a lifestyle. A commitment that if you take on will change you for the better.

L. Manriques, Anaheim

Our Programs

Our programs work with company initiatives to support and be part of the culture and attitude of employees toward wellness. We strive to create a culture of people who choose to make a positive change toward their healthy lifestyle. We believe that when employees choose to participate, rather than are forced to participate, change happens and more importantly it has a lasting effect.

With our range of services we can help any organization empower its people to reach their potential.

Our Sevices

We believe that the well-being and performance of every person in a company is vital to its overall success


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