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We are in an unprecedented time in our Nation where stress and anxiety are permeating employees at every level of a company due to COVID-19.  Our Virtual Wellness Programs are your solution.

Now more than ever, a wellness plan for your employees is a needed and key company benefit, not just for your employees, but for the health of your company as well.  Revenue, bottom line profits, shareholder value, stakeholder value, and longevity are all at greater risk today.

Many employees are struggling with higher stress levels, adjusting to a different family and work-life balance, and fighting just to stay healthy.

As an employer and leader in your industry, we know you count on your employees to be performing at a peak level to keep your business thriving and well.  They also count on you to help them perform at their best by providing solutions and opportunities to live a healthy lifestyle through fitness, nutrition, stress management, mindset, and health education.  Our Virtual Wellness Programs are your solution. 

Our virtual wellness programs offer companies the opportunity to help their employees thrive through variable fitness and education programs from their own home, computer, or office.

Benefits to your employees include:

  • Reduced stress at work and home – fitness, yoga, Pilates, all create stress-reducing health and healing
  • Increased activity at home office or corporate office with Coach Lead Live workouts– Almost as good as being there. Our coaches and instructors interact with your team online with professional movement instruction, motivation, personal encouragement, exercise form correction, and Q&A.
  • Relevant interactive education discussions (Coffee Breaks/Lunch & learns) with ‘How to’ relevant topics and instruction which can be immediately implemented into daily life.
  • Improved morale by joining their coworkers online to collaborate and be together through our variety of fitness classes- Energy and attitudes improve when people achieve together. Its been proven over and over in our Virtual group classes.

Our virtual programs are what your employees need right now to thrive.  Call now to schedule a short, no-cost, consultation for your company.  We are here to help you and your company stay healthy through this time.

Your employees trust in you and we want to earn your trust in us.

Call, text, or email us now to schedule your no-cost consultation and trial program.   

Our Programs Include:

  • Group Fitness conditioning / Boot Camp Classes
  • Yoga, Pilates, Stretching, and meditation
  • Variable levels of fitness from beginner to experienced
  • No equipment required workout routines
  • Professional Live Coaching during each fitness session
  • Q&A with your instructor after each class
  • Nutrition and Lifestyle sessions with the Coach
  • Contests and competitions hosted virtually
  • Accountability coaching opportunity

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Recently I decided to take on the challenge of creating a better me so I turned to who I thought could help, Workplace Wellness Solutions. I personally workout with Coach Greg, and let me tell you, I don’t just do a few killer sets then “bye, see you next week”, it’s so much more. We question my bad habits to get to the root, we look at what motivates me as an individual, and we also take the time to expand my mind and spirit. Working with LeFever Wellness isn’t just a new workout routine, it’s a lifestyle. A commitment that if you take on will change you for the better.

L. Manriques, Anaheim, Vice President of House Transformations

“Just wanted to send thanks for our workouts, I am actually not freaking out that I have to be on a beach in Jamaica in 2 weeks, thanks to you.”

Martha R, Newport

“I have a stronger core, have lost weight and have improved my running time. My lower back is not as tight as it was before.”

Amy, Anaheim

“I can totally feel the burn from this workout. My heart rate stays up and I only did a 3-exercise circuit for a couple rounds. This is great!”

Paige, Irvine
Share this quick and effective No Excuses home workout with your employees.  4, 8, 12 minutes of full-body calorie blast and muscle toning.
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We believe that the well-being and performance of every person in a company is vital to its overall success


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