Top tip to not sabotage your hard work

Just wanted to share a few TOP tips to not sabotage your hard work and progress this holiday season.
We all want to have fun and enjoy our friends, families, and festivities.  And that’s great.  But, you don’t need to wreck your progress to enjoy your holidays.
  1. Eat only what you REALLY want.  – Most people go off track and eat everything on a table spread just because its there.  If you have small amounts of the foods you really want, you will keep your calories in check and not overeat.
  2. Eat before you go to a party – Yes, before you go, have a small salad, fruit, or half sandwich. If you are not overly hungry when you get to a party you are less likely to overdo it with the food and drinks.
  3. Get in some exercise – Get in a workout, walk, jog, football game, etc.  Keep your calorie machine burning daily if possible to help with the extra calories you may consume during parties and events.
Please let me and the group know some of your tips to stay on track.
Cheers to your health and happiness.
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