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Super, super, super foods

Have you ever heard of superfoods?  You know, the foods Dr. Oz says are keys to improving your health? Yes, those ones.  Even though Dr. Oz doesn’t have the swag like he used to, he is right about superfoods. So

How Adele was able to lose 40 pounds

If you didn’t know, Adele lost a significant amount of weight—about 40 pounds.  She looks amazing, in case you haven’t seen her. Just because she’s famous, doesn’t mean she didn’t struggle to lose weight—just like you and me. She struggled.

Start here to your ideal body

There are great transformation stories all around you. It could be a celebrity (like Adele), or it could be your neighbor or co-worker.  There are successes all around you. Do you know what they have in common? They all used

How to crush it on a Monday

Do you hate Monday?  Is it hard to show up and get going? Have you ever asked yourself why? Hmmmmmm.  Think about it. It usually stems from some level of dread; job, drive time (pre quarantine), less weekend fun, anticipated stress,

Daily “Q” checklist to maintain your peace of mind

Are you settling into a new normal or holding on until things change back to a quasi-normal? We all know times like this can create stress, anxiety, worry, etc.  quite frankly, so can many other life events that disrupt our sense

Which one are you?

I wanted to check in on you and how you are doing in total with the COVID-19 situation. We are all experiencing a disruption of life in some way.  But is it all negative? I say emphatically NO. When I hear people