Virtual Train With Us!

I hope you had a healthy and refreshing weekend outside with your family, and feel invigorated for the week to come.

I’m excited to launch Virtual Fitness Training this week to help you stay fit physically and mentally.

  • This is an online Coach led fitness class, not just another follow-along video.
  • I will motivate you, encourage you, and ensure you are using proper form
  • You will burn massive calories, tone muscle, and be part of our community
  • This is almost as good as having me there with you.

The schedule is posted here. Click on the ‘Week’ tab for the week’s fitness training opportunities.
You can click to reserve your space or drop in.  I will be and ready for you either way.

Class pricing is designed with a discounted monthly option to encourage you to keep a regular routine for fitness. However, I understand you are busy and may just want to drop in occasionally.  Here it is:

  • Single Class/drop in         $15
  • 2x Week                           $99 ($12/class)
  • 3x Week                           $119 ($10/class)
  • Individual                          $40 /class (discounts for monthly are available)
  • Couples                            $50 /class (discounts for monthly are available)

We will conduct class with the Zoom platform.  (Zoom app or for laptop)
Our meeting ID is 388-115-1146
Quick Link is

You will only need a floor mat, towel or carpet and about 6 feet of space.
Our workouts will be about 30 minutes of warm-up, circuit style to keep the calorie burn, muscle toning, and metabolic furnace on HIGH, and cool down with Q&A.

Please let me know if there are other times and days that work well for you and your friends.
This is about keeping our friends and community healthy together.
I look forward to seeing you online next week!

Be Healthy
Be Strong
Be IMPowered

Coach Greg

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