Super, super, super foods

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Have you ever heard of superfoods?  You know, the foods Dr. Oz says are keys to improving your health? Yes, those ones.  Even though Dr. Oz doesn’t have the swag like he used to, he is right about superfoods. So what makes a food SUPER? Superfoods contain a very high “nutritional density.”  To put it

Which one are you?

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I wanted to check in on you and how you are doing in total with the COVID-19 situation. We are all experiencing a disruption of life in some way.  But is it all negative? I say emphatically NO. When I hear people talking and read posts and see the negativity, I have to ask “where does the

Are you appreciating differently?

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I had a thought and maybe you had the same one: Before the quarantine, we were running everywhere, busy, busy, busy. Passing by our family and friends quickly as we all went different directions. Maybe even, “I will see them tomorrow, or later in the week”. Essentially, we were becoming less “humanly” connected. Sure, we text,

Are you owning your time or just scrambling through the day?

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I hope you all had an amazing Christmas with your family and friends.  We certainly did! And yes, I ate more cookies than I anticipated. Well sort of.  I planned on eating cookies so I plugged in quick workouts each day to ensure I was offsetting or at least countering the extra sugar and calories.

Virtual Train With Us!

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I hope you had a healthy and refreshing weekend outside with your family, and feel invigorated for the week to come. I’m excited to launch Virtual Fitness Training this week to help you stay fit physically and mentally. This is an online Coach led fitness class, not just another follow-along video. I will motivate you, encourage you, and

The FAT season has officially arrived

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It's here...the "Fat" season. Time to focus on staying fit, not fat.. But you ask.... isn't the fat season around Thanksgiving and the end of the year with all the parties and holiday festivities? Yes it does ramp up heavy then (pun intended). However, and this is a big however... When you add Halloween and

Myths to weight loss

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I read these on yahoo and thought you might like them. Im in line with these. Myth #1: Carbs are the Enemy Experts suggest that carbohydrates play a star role in keep you energized and your organs functioning properly. The carb bad rap should rest squarely on the shoulders of "white carbs" like white

40% of Americans Don’t do this…

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I heard on the radio (did not verify) that approximately 40% of Americans Do NOT eat breakfast. Actually, I don’t need a study to tell me that. So many conversations lately in regards to changing eating habits and balancing proteins etc., also require a breakfast discussion because it’s not getting any attention. You've heard