The FAT season has officially arrived

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It's here...the "Fat" season. Time to focus on staying fit, not fat.. But you ask.... isn't the fat season around Thanksgiving and the end of the year with all the parties and holiday festivities? Yes it does ramp up heavy then (pun intended). However, and this is a big however... When you add Halloween and

Myths to weight loss

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I read these on yahoo and thought you might like them. Im in line with these.Myth #1: Carbs are the EnemyExperts suggest that carbohydrates play a star role in keep you energized and your organs functioning properly. The carb bad rap should rest squarely on the shoulders of "white carbs" like white bread, white rice,

40% of Americans Don’t do this…

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I heard on the radio (did not verify) that approximately 40% of Americans Do NOT eat breakfast. Actually, I don’t need a study to tell me that. So many conversations lately in regards to changing eating habits and balancing proteins etc., also require a breakfast discussion because it’s not getting any attention. You've heard it