Which one are you?

I wanted to check in on you and how you are doing in total with the COVID-19 situation. We are all experiencing a disruption of life in some way.  But is it all negative? I say emphatically NO.

When I hear people talking and read posts and see the negativity, I have to ask “where does the negativity stem from?” Because in truth, it is our own thinking that creates our reality and our state-of-being.

What do I mean by that?  

There are essentially two states of being that we fall into at any given time (this can change moment to moment) – Beautiful and Suffering

The state of beauty includes joy, happiness, passion, hope, creation, optimism, etc.

The state of suffering includes anger, resentment, fear, boredom, anxiety, etc.

Are you sad and depressed because of the quarantine, focused on what you cant do now, what you don’t have now, business disruption, etc.?
Are you embracing this time for self-improvement, a shift in business, greater relationship development with your family and friends, focus on your health in short and long term?

Honestly, I started in the first place of suffering and panic when we got quarantined and business shut down.  My business is Workplace Wellness Solutions.  My team and I go to companies with fitness, yoga, education lunch and learns etc.  When the companies shut down, so did my income.

I took a deep breath, called my good friend and business adviser, checked my own thinking process, got in a high-level mastermind group for life coaches like me, and redirected my business to a virtual platform.  This creates a ton of opportunity to help more people in the short term and ongoing long after the quarantine is lifted.

So now with vigilant awareness, I typically exist in the beautiful state with only shortstops in the suffering state.    No joke, it takes some work and practice. Every day is challenging,

So, what is your state of thinking?  Your emotional state? What is your story right now?

Here is a quote from Einstein that resonates with your mindset “The most important decision you can make is whether you believe you are living in a hostile or friendly universe.”

-The state of Beautiful or the state of Suffering.

Here is some powerful good news……. Like many emotions and states of being, Beautiful and Suffering cannot co-exist.  The more you are on the Beauty side, the less you will be on the suffering side because you can’t be in both at the same time.

Here are some other states of being that Cannot co-exist

  • Faith  vs. Worry
  • Gratitude vs. Resentment
  • Selfless vs. Selfish

If you find yourself “feeling” negative emotions, stop and check your thinking.  Is it really happening that way or are you applying your thoughts to a situation to Make it that way??

Big tip: 
Practice being aware of your state of being and thought at any given time.  When you are not feeling the positive energy and belief that the Universe is working in your favor,  Stop, acknowledge the thought, and dismiss it.  Replace it with gratitude for something immediately.

Keep focused on gratitude and you will feel yourself shift back out of the suffering.

I hope this helps guide you toward a more positive state of beauty on a more regular basis

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