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Are you appreciating differently?

I had a thought and maybe you had the same one: Before the quarantine, we were running everywhere, busy, busy, busy. Passing by our family and friends quickly as we all went different directions. Maybe even, “I will see them tomorrow,

Monday mental wellness

I wanted to share a ‘Mental Monday Wellness’ tip to help you with the, oftentimes, difficult Monday focus. If you are like me, you wake up and your brain wants to run down the tracks in a bunch of different

Boost your immune system

My goal for you is to help create a healthy lifestyle.  So I’d like to focus on the immune system boosting and nutrition to stay healthy and fight colds, flu, and virus, etc. Your immune system is your most important armor and greatest defense

Don’t gain holiday weight just because. Tips to ponder

Happy holidays and happy weight gain season – — well, actually, NO weight gain is happy. No doubt you are aware of the statistic, either by hearing it or experiencing it, every year people gain between 5 and 10 (or more) pounds of