40% of Americans Don’t do this…

I heard on the radio (did not verify) that approximately 40% of Americans Do NOT eat breakfast.
Actually, I don’t need a study to tell me that. So many conversations lately in regards to changing eating habits and balancing proteins etc., also require a breakfast discussion because it’s not getting any attention.

You’ve heard it a million times…Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.
But why? And if I’m trying to lose fat and tone my body, isn’t skipping and not taking in the extra calories a good thing?


Here it is in a short non-science answer

1) “Breakfast” – you are breaking your fast from sleep. Your body needs food to signal that its time to start your metabolism and energy burn for the day. If you don’t send the signal with a little something to eat, your body stays in the slow burning mode.

Who wants to stay in a slow burn mode? Light me up for the day, let’s go.

2) Coffee instead? no, coffee makes you feel awake and energetic from the caffeine. This is not the same as providing nutrients to your brain and body for real energy.
Eventually the coffee crashes and you are starving and sluggish, or even cranky. Eat a light breakfast instead or with your coffee.

3) Starving at lunch? – eating breakfast helps control your appetite also. If you dont eat until lunch, chances are good that you feel famished and overeat or make poor choices of food to eat. Eating too much will just store the extra calories as fat. Yikes, not our goal.

Bottom line – have at least a piece of fruit, toast with peanut butter, couple eggs loaded with veggies, a protein shake, something to get you started.

Don’t send me back emails that you don’t have time. If you need more help with suggestions on how to incorporate breakfast into your busy, day I am more the happy to help.

Let’s keep you rocking on your program.

Dedicated to your health and wellness

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